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About Elizabethton



Regulations & Permits

Elizabethton Regional Planning Commission
The Regional Planning Commission approves site plans and subdivision plats for property development. The commission also rules on requests to rezone property for different use and requests for variances to city zoning ordinances pertaining to property use.

Fee schedule Residential Commercial
Property rezoning - Text fee $50 $50 $75
Property variances $50 $75
Site plans $50 $75
Plat Preliminary Final
Subdivisions $25 $25

Elizabethton Department of Planning and Development
Submittal dates to Regional Planning Commission and City Development Committee
Cut-off dates Planning Commission Development Committee

Elizabethton Regional Planning Commission's Submittal dates schedule

The City of Elizabethton is divided into thirteen (13) classes of districts as follows:

Residence - R-1 District Low Density Residence
R-1A District Low Density Residence
R-2 District Medium Density Residence
R-3 District High Density
Medical Residential M-R District
Business - B-1 District Neighborhood Business
Business - B-2 District Arterial Business
Business - B-3 District Central Business
Business - B-4 District Intermediate Business
Manufacturing - M-1 District Restricted Manufacturing and Warehousing
Industrial - M-2 District Heavy Industrial
Floodway - F-1 District Floodway
Floodway - F-2 District Floodway Fringe Area

More information about the city's zones can be found in Title 14 - Zoning and Land Use Control.


City of Elizabethton
Direct technical questions or comments to:
The City of Elizabethton does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin,
sex, religion, age or disability in employment or the provision of services.