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City of Elizabethton Contacts

Municipal Building/City Hall
136 South Sycamore Street
General information 423/547-6200 | Fax number 423/542-1510

Elizabethton Municipal Airport
415 Highway 91 423/543-2801

Elizabethton Carter County Animal Shelter
135 Sycamore Shoals Drive

Elizabethton City Court

136 South Sycamore Street

Office of the City Manager
136 South Sycamore Street
 Daniel Estes, 
City Manager 423/542-1507
Jennifer Arnold, Executive Assistant 423/542-1507 Fax # 423/547-6258

Department of Human Resources and Risk Management
136 South Sycamore Street
Angela Lyons, Human Resources Director/Risk Manager 423/547-6282 Fax # 423/547-6249
Austin Depew, Human Resources/Risk Management Assistant 423/547-6282 Fax # 423-297-9118

Department of Finance
136 South Sycamore Street
Preston Cobb, Finance Director/City Clerk, 423/542-1507
Nikki Nidiffer, Assistant Finance Director, 423/547-6231
Jennifer Arnold, Deputy City Clerk 423/542-1516
Accounts payable 423/542-1517   Accounting 423/547-6231
Finance Office Manager 423/542-1518   Property taxes 423/547-6205
Tax relief program 423/547-6205   Information Technology 423/547-6284

Elizabethton Fire Department
121 South Sycamore Street
Fire Chief, Barry Carrier 423/542-5421
Deputy Fire Chief, Tim Edwards 423/542-5421
Fire Marshall Andy Hardin 423/542-5421

Elizabethton Housing and Development Agency
910 Pine Ridge Circle
Kelly Geagley, Executive Director 423/543-3571

Elizabethton Municipal Golf Course
185 Buck VanHuss Drive
Course Manager 423/542-8051
Course Pro Shop 423/542-8051 or 423/547-6322
Course Maintenance 423/542-6635

Department of Parks and Recreation
300 West Mill Street
Mike Mains, Director 423/547-6441
David Nanney, Athletics & Aquatics Director 423/547-6440
Derrick Vines, Administrative Assistant/Facility Reservations 423/547-6441
David McQueen, Maintenance Supervisor 423/547-0007
Park information and reservations 423/547-6441 Park maintenance 423/547-0007
Joe LaPorte Recreation Center and City Swimming Pool 423/547-6280
Sports League 423/547-6440

Department of Planning and Economic Development
136 South Sycamore Street
Zoning information, rezonings, development, annexation, and business retention and recruitment  423/542-1503
Discrimination and ADA inquiry and complaints  423/542-1503
Remodeling, new construction, sign regulations, flood information, and property maintenance  423/542-1503
Logan Engle, Director 423/542-1502
Chris Issacs, Property Maintenance/Codes Enforcement 423/547-7407

Elizabethton Police Department
525 East F Street
Police Chief Jason Shaw 423/547-6405
Police Major Jerry Bradley 423/547-6407
CID Commander Capt. Shane Darling 423/547-6409 or 423/547-6411
Police Records/Information 423/542-4141
Training Officer Kirk Carrier 423/547-6417
Department of Community Relations 423/547-6417
Domestic Violence Unit 423/547-6278

Department of Engineering
729 South Sycamore Street

Matthew Balogh, Engineer/Technician
Joseph Barnett, Stormwater Coordinator 423/547-6240

Department of Electric Services
400 Hatcher Lane
Brandon Shell, Interim General Manager 423/547-8605
Ken Markland, Marketing & Industrial Services Coordinator 423/547-8630
Wes Pearson, Service Supervisor 423/547-8619
Operations: 423/542-1101
Customer Service: 423/542-1100
Power Outage Reporting System: 423/542-1111
Fax number: 423/542-1108

Department of Street and Sanitation
729 South Sycamore Street
Danny Hilbert, Street and Sanitation Director 423/547-6306
Kelly Tolley, Adm. Assistant City garage and fleet maintenance 423/547-6322 or 547-6325
Street maintenance 423/547-6306
Street resurfacing information 423/547-6240
Pothole repair 423/547-6306 Sidewalk repair 423/547-6306
Snow and ice removal 423/547-6306 Street signs 423/547-6306
Garbage and brush collection 423/547-6306
Brush trailers 423/547-6306 Garbage containers 423/547-6300
Leaf collection 423/547-6306 Mowing right-of-way 423/547-6306
Mosquito control 423/547-6238

Department of Water Resources
729 South Sycamore Street
Water billing, customer service, and service hook-up or disconnection  423/547-6200
Water and sewer repairs, leaks, quality, blockage, and backflow prevention  423/547-6300
Ed Mullins, Facilities Mgr. 423/547-6347
Jonathan Pleasant, Construction Mrg. 423/547-6300
Sharon Banner, Adm. Assistant 423/547-6300

Department of Purchasing
136 South Sycamore Street
Greg Workman, Purchasing Director 423/542-1505
Warehouse/Central Receiving 423/542-1100 ext 338

Elizabethton Senior Citizens Center
428 East G Street

Elizabethton/Carter County Public Library
201 N. Sycamore Street Elizabethton, TN 37643 423/547-6360
Bernadette Weese, Director
Ashlee Williams, Children's Librarian
Joe Penza, Archivist