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Market Data
  3-mile Radius 5-mile Radius 5-minute Drive 10-minute Drive Retail Trade Area
2016 Pop. Estimate 19,845 35,616 7,000 31,674 46,327
2020 Pop. Estimate 19,887 35,810 7,036 31,841 46,601
Avg. Household Income  $42,856 $41,835 $43,567 $40,056 $40,443
Number of Employees 8,293 11,730 7,765 10,779 11,881

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Retail Sites
Elizabethton has two main retail corridors -- West Elk Avenue and US 19E. Both have excellent traffic counts, great site locations. To see what sites are available, please view the Available Sites map. If you are interested in a specific site or shopping center, please contact us and we'll get contact information and availability to you.

Waffle House

Primary Retail Trade Area
Elizabethton's Primarily Retail Trade area incorporates most of Carter County. Beautiful Watauga and Wilbur Lakes, many waterfalls, and hiking trails are also within Elizabethton Trade Area making it an ideal location for an outdoor or recreation retailer.

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