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Collection of refuse for nonresidential establishments shall be limited to garbage, household trash and business trash stored in authorized containers. Bulk refuse and brush that cannot be placed in authorized containers shall be removed by the owner or producer.

Brush is scheduled to be removed twice a month and bulk refuse will be removed once a month. Please see zones, maps and a calendar to find your collection dates.

Brush is defined as cuttings, leaves, grass clippings and limbs that is a result of normal yard maintenance. For brush collection we ask that brush be neatly stacked behind the curb. Limbs should not exceed 5 feet in length and stumps should not exceed 50 pounds.

Brush collection that is deposited by the property owner or resident for collection by the City and determined to be two tons or more by volume and over one 2 ton brush trailer load by volume will require a special brush charge. We will require that the necessary document be signed agreeing to pay the fee of $75 per load for every load after the first.

No person shall perform any service of economic gain wherein trees and shrubbery are cut, trimmed, or altered with an accumulation of brush, wood, vines, debris, or other refuse attendant to landscaping as a result of such work or service without being equipped with a truck or other vehicle capable of removing the brush, wood vines, debris or other refuse which shall be so removed by the person causing or creating its accumulation.

Brush and bulk refuse cannot be comingled.

Bulk refuse is defined as items of trash that are too large to place in a container. These items include furniture, mattresses, box springs, stoves, water heaters, bicycles, etc.

Items that will not be collected for bulk refuse and will need to be hauled away by the producer are:

Televisions or computer monitors, any appliance containing freon, automobile parts of any type, construction and remodeling materials. Building material which is defined as any material such as lumber, brick, block stone, plaster, concrete, asphalt, roofing shingles, gutters or any other substances accumulated as the result of repairs or additions to existing buildings or structures, construction of new buildings or structures.