Streets & Sanitation

Leaf Collection

The City of Elizabethton Street and Sanitation Department will begin curbside vacuum leaf collection on the first Monday in November and continue through the last Friday in January or until all leaves are collected. The entire city should be covered by the first week in December. The second round should be completed by the first week in January with the final clean up completed by the end of January.

Leaves are to be raked in piles or windrows and should be placed at curbside only. The placing of leaves in public streets, gutters, or over storm drains is expressly prohibited. We ask for your patience during the period, as crews will be servicing each area as soon as possible. For those citizens who only generate only a small amount of leaves and wish to bag them, the Sanitation Crews will collect the bags on their regular garbage collection day providing they are placed curbside with the other garbage container(s). We sincerely ask for your cooperation during the leaf collection period so that the process may be accomplished as efficiently as possible.