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MS4 Program

The City of Elizabethton's Stormwater Quality Program operates under a federally mandated permit called the Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System Program.  The City of Elizabethton's MS4 program consists of six (6) major parts. 
Drains to River  


  • Public participation and involvement-
    • Volunteer river and creek cleanup
    • Tree planting
    • Volunteer river and stream monitoring
  • Construction site run-off
    • program that will reduce or eliminate the impacts of stormwater runoff from construction sites that are greater than or equal to one acre.
    • Implement and enforce the City's erosion and sediment control ordinance
  • Post-development run-off
  • Pollution prevention and good house keeping
    • Yearly pollution prevention training for city employees
    • BMP's on city facility grounds to elliminate pollution