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Geodetic Control Points

The City of Elizabethton's Engineering Department manages a network of sixty-one (61) high order control monuments. Six monuments are of horizontal order B and vertical order B. Fifty-five monuments are of horizontal order C class 1, vertical order C class 2.  With the exception of station GPS 5 and GPS 6, each monument is intervisible with at least one other monument. Excluding GPS 1, each monument is a 3-1/2" inch diameter bronze disc (see photograph to the right) GPS Monument-Bronze Discstamped with an ID number which corresponds with the station number at the top of the station reports. 
The control point station reports include horizontal and vertical data, to reach descriptions, vicinity maps, reference diagrams and location photos.  We have made all of the control point station reports available to the public by selecting one of the following links:

City of Elizabethton Base Map 
City of Elizabethton Station Reports   
  Point # Location
  GPS 1  Elizabethton Airport
  GPS 2  Airport Road
  GPS 3  Elizabethon Electric Department
  GPS 4  Blue Ridge Drive/19E
  GPS 5  Wastewater Plant
  GPS 6  Wastewater Plant
  GPS 7  Milligan College
  GPS 8  Emmanuel School of Religion
  GPS 9  Smoky Mountain Pl. Culdesac
  GPS 10  Smoky Mountain Pl./McDonald Ave.
  GPS 11  Carter County Rescue Squad
  GPS 12  SR 91/Carter County Rescue Squad
  GPS 13  Messimer Lane (replaced by GPS 63)
  GPS 14  Messimer Lane
  GPS 15  19E/Food City
  GPS 16  Food City/19E
  GPS 17  Carter County School Bus Garage
  GPS 18  19E/Elizabethton Vetrinarian Clinic
  GPS 19  Sugar Hollow Rd.
  GPS 20  Southside Rd./South Hills Dr.
  GPS 21  Elizabethton Highschool
  GPS 22  Elk Ave./Zaxbys
  GPS 23  Elk Ave./Broad Street (Replaced by 62)
  GPS 24  Elk Ave./Elizabethton Church of Christ
  GPS 25  Veterans Foreign Wars (VFW)
  GPS 26  Elk Ave./Ward St.
  GPS 27  Stonebrook Loop
  GPS 28  Stonebrook Loop
  GPS 29  Carter Blvd./Parkway Blvd.
  GPS 30  Parkway Blvd./Field Rd.
  GPS 31  Carter Blvd.
  GPS 32  Fire Station #2
  GPS 33  "G" St./Daytona Pl.
  GPS 34  #603 "G" St.
  GPS 35  Eastside Elementary
  GPS 36  Eastside Elementary
  GPS 37  Elizabethton Recreation Center
  GPS 38  Mill St./N. Roan St.
  GPS 39  Stateline Rd.
  GPS 40  Stateline Rd./Arney St.
  GPS 41  "G"St./Tweetsie Trail Crossing
  GPS 42  "G" St./Bunton St.
  GPS 43  Elk Ave./Buck Van Huss
  GPS 44  Fire Station #3
  GPS 45  Elk Ave. Median/Milligan Hwy.
  GPS 46  Elk Ave./Milligan Hwy. Overpass
  GPS 47  Cherokee Park Dr.
  GPS 48  Cherokee Industrial
  GPS 49
 W. Riverside Dr.
  GPS 50  W. Riverside Dr.
  GPS 51
 Beechwood Dr./Quail Hollow
  GPS 52  Beechwood Dr./Quail Hollow
  GPS 53  Milligan Hwy. at Happy valley Rd.
  GPS 54  Milligan Hwy. (Destroyed)
  GPS 55  W. Elk Ave. 
  GPS 56
 W. Elk Ave.
  GPS 57  Hudson Dr.
  GPS 58  Bemberg Rd.
  GPS 59  Holston Ave.
  GPS 60  E. "F" St.
  GPS 61  Happy Valley Highschool
  GPS 62  E. Elk Ave 
  GPS 63  Messimer Ln.