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About Elizabethton



City Officials

Elected Officials

Appointed Officials

Curt Alexander

Mayor Pro-Tem
William E. “Bill” Carter

City Council Members

Robert W. Cable, Jr.
Jeffrey C. Treadway
Samuel B. Shipley
Wes Frazier
D. Richard Tester

City Manager
Jerome Kitchens

City Judge
T.J. Little, Jr.

Director of Finance/City Clerk
Deborah B. Kessler

Director of Utilities
Johann Coetzee

City Attorney
Roger G. Day

Assistant City Attorney
Charlton R. Devault


Curt Alexander
117 Wedgewood Circle
Daytime: 423-543-1181
Evening: 423-676-5205

Bill Carter
507 East Elk Ave
Daytime: 423-542-6674
Evening: 423-470-0193

Robert W. Cable, Jr.
825 Hemlock St.
Daytime: 423-341-1906
Evening: 423-542-8710

Jeffrey C. Treadway
1806 Field Road

Home: 423-543-1975

Samuel B. Shipley
737 Quail Hollow Drive


Wes Frazier
614 Hattie Avenue

D. Richard Tester
323 Pine Hill Rd



City of Elizabethton
Direct technical questions or comments to:
The City of Elizabethton does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin,
sex, religion, age or disability in employment or the provision of services.