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Elizabethton Parks & Recreation Staff Member Honored With Exceptional Achievements at 2023 Annual Conference

The City of Elizabethton Parks and Recreation Department is thrilled to announce one of its own as the recipient of an exceptional award during the 2023 Branch and Interest Section Awards presented by the Tennessee Parks and Recreation Association (TRPA). These prestigious awards were presented at the 72nd Annual Conference in Memphis last week, honoring individuals and organizations for their outstanding contributions to the field of parks and recreation.

The Programming & Recreation Branch presented the Special Events Award, a distinction that recognizes an individual who has displayed unparalleled innovation, creativity, and a profound ability to inspire others to develop similar programs. We are delighted to announce that the City of Elizabethton Parks and Recreation's very own, Kelly Kitchens, was honored as the deserving recipient of this esteemed award.

“This is a great honor for Kelly,” said Mike Mains, Parks and Recreation Director. “I am so happy for her as it recognizes her creativity, hard work, dedication, and willingness to work with our community partners. Being awarded this accolade against some of the larger Parks and Recreation agencies like Memphis and Nashville shows how Kelly’s body of work should be celebrated. We couldn’t be prouder of her!”

Kelly Kitchens has been an integral part of the City of Elizabethton for 22 years, with the last 16 dedicated to the Elizabethton Parks and Recreation department. She began her journey as an Administrative Assistant and later achieved a well-deserved promotion to the brand-new Programming & Special Events position in 2018.

Programming and special events hold a special place in Kelly's heart, not just as a professional commitment but as a personal passion. Kelly's dedication to creating engaging and meaningful experiences for the community has left an indelible mark on Elizabethton and its residents. She understands the vital role that parks and recreation play in fostering community bonds and improving the quality of life for all.

When asked about her passion for programming and special events, Kelly shared, "I believe that programming and special events are the heart and soul of our community. They bring people together, create lasting memories, and inspire a sense of togetherness that is essential for building strong and resilient communities."

Kelly Kitchens' dedication to enhancing the lives of Elizabethton's residents through outstanding programming and special events is truly commendable. Her passion, creativity, and commitment serve as an inspiration to all who have had the privilege of working with her.

The City of Elizabethton Parks and Recreation Department proudly congratulates Kelly Kitchens on this well-deserved recognition and expresses gratitude for her invaluable contributions to our community. Her dedication, creativity, and unwavering commitment serve as an inspiration, and we are honored to have her as a member of our team.

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