site_prep_2You are required by law to obtain a building permit for construction or demolition on private property in Elizabethton. Any owner, authorized agent, or contractor who desires to construct, enlarge, alter, repair, move, demolish, or to erect, install, enlarge, repair, remove, convert, or replace any electrical, gas, mechanical, plumbing system, sewer or water line is required to obtain a permit.
How do I get a Building Permit Application?
What do I need to Include with my Building Permit Application?
You will need to fill out the online application and include a site plan showing the dimensions of the proposed structure and how far the structure is from all the property lines .This site plan can be hand drawn.
How do I submit my Building Permit Application?
You must apply for a permit online by clicking here.

PLANS TO BE SUBMITTEDAn accurate site plan must be submitted for new construction or addition to an existing structure (including accessory buildings). Structural drawings will also be required on all new commercial and residential projects.  In some cases, detailed structural drawings may also be required for residential additions and accessory buildings, depending on their size and type of construction.

Two (2) sets of stamped drawings (stamped with an architect or engineer's seal) must be submitted for new commercial projects or additions. One (1) set of drawings (these are NOT required to be stamped) must be submitted for new residential construction or new residential additions. New additions will be kept on file in the Building Department for a period of one year after the completion of the job.

PLAN REVIEW PROCESSAll plans are submitted to the Building Division for review.  Your plans will be reviewed by several City departments. The actual number of reviews will depend on the type of construction for which the plan is submitted. You are encouraged to submit your plan as early as possible to avoid delay in construction schedules should corrections or re-submittals be necessary. Note: There is no Fee for review of Construction drawings.

TIME SCHEDULE FOR PLAN REVIEWSchedule for review is based upon the type of project involved. Normal review periods range from 2 to 5 days. More complex projects, however, may require additional review time.  Upon approval  of your plan and payment of water/sewer tap fees (if applicable), a building permit will be issued. If construction begins prior to obtaining required permits, the permit fee will be doubled.


If electrical, plumbing, gas or mechanical work is to be included in the construction project, separate permits must be obtained for these areas of work.  If a homeowner is planning to do his own electrical, plumbing, or mechanical work , they still must obtain the required permits and inspections. No gas work will be performed inside the city limits except by a certified, license gas installer.
Any contractor engaged in the aforementioned trades must be certified, licensed and insured to perform this work within the corporate limits of the City of Elizabethton. A Tennessee State contractor's license may also be needed.


Fee for a building permit is based upon the total project construction cost.  Fee for electrical, plumbing, gas, or mechanical permits is based upon the type and amount of work performed.

SIGN PERMITSNo signs, banners, flags or pennants may be erected within the corporate limits of the City of Elizabethton without first obtaining a permit. Temporary signs also require a permit for each sign and/or device.

INSPECTION PROCESSFollowing issuance of your building permit, you will need to go online to schedule your inspection. In order to avoid delay on your inspections, it is recommended that you schedule your inspection 24 hours in advance of the time needed.  Upon completion of any new commercial or residential project, you will be issued a "Certificate of Occupancy" following final inspection of same.

ZONING DISTRICTSThe City of Elizabethton is composed of several different zoning districts, each containing regulations for that particular zone. If you are unsure as to the zoning restrictions in  your area, please contact the Building Division or Planning Department before you Following to a building project.