Electric Services

Electric Services
Builders and Contractors

  1. Acquire 911 Address by calling Carter County Emergency Communication District at 423-543-0911.
  2. Notifies the Elizabethton Electrical Engineering Department concerning the exchange of information regarding the proposed project.
  3. If (3) phase service is requested, the customer or contractor will be furnished w/a non residential service request form to be completed and returned to the Engineering Dept.
  4. The non residential service request form will give to developer a place to feel in contact information, service size, voltage required , type of equipment to be serviced, etc.
  5. One of the most critical bits of information needed from the customer is a total connected load and the estimated demand provided in KVA. (kilo volt amps).This information will allow our Dept. to accurately size the transformers needed.
  6. A field visit can be scheduled between the Developer and Electric Dept. personal to discuss and resolve issues concerning line relocations etc.
  7. The Electric Dept. will provide cost estimates if any to the Developer for there consideration.

Instructions on New Service Requirements

Comprehensive Services
Products and Services

Through the Comprehensive Services Program (CSP), TVA and Elizabethton Electric provide engineering and technical assistance for commercial and industrial customers. CSP covers all areas of energy use, including power analysis, technical services, energy use and preventive maintenance.

Services are listed below:

Power Analysis

Power Quality

Studies address voltage problems originating inside or outside the facility that adversely affect power quality.


We install temporary metering equipment to gather data on facility electrical usage.

Power Factor

Metering and recommendations to correct for low power factor.


Grounding study, grounding testing, and lightning-protection recommendations.

Demand-Side Management

Monitoring and testing electrical systems and recommendations related to managing peak demand.

Energy Use

Energy Audits

General survey of energy use in a facility and recommendations one energy management opportunities, process, and facility improvements.

Water Heating

Studies explore heat-pump water-heater applications, standard energy-efficient water heaters, and cost comparison of electric versus fossil-fuel systems.

Technical Services


Heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning studies examine the sizing of HVAC equipment, offer heating-and-cooling system comparisons, investigate problems with existing systems, and provide recommendations for improvements.


Studies provide recommendations for the design of lighting systems in such places as sports fields, roadways, parking lots, and commercial and industrial plants.

Wiring and Electrical Distribution Equipment

Studies analyze the facility's distribution system, including the sizing of wiring and equipment, and provide recommendations for system improvement.

Preventive Maintenance

Infrared Scans

Infrared scans of electrical equipment such as transformers, breakers, bus and conductor connections for hot spots, as well as scans for facility heating- and-cooling loss.

Ultrasonic Testing

Ultrasound technology can locate compressed air leaks caused by vibration, holes in hoses, loose joints and cracks.
EED Policy Fact Sheet
Welcome New Elizabethton Electric Department Customer!

We hope to serve you with reliable, affordable electric service for many years to come. This Fact Sheet contains useful information you need to know as an EED residential customer. Commercial customers should contact our Customer Service office for more information. Any information listed here is subject to change without notice.

Rates and Charges:

There is no tax for residential service.

Deposit is determined by your utility credit rating. An ONLINE Utility Exchange Report will be run on all new applicants for electric service. Should an applicant refuse to allow EED to run the credit check the maximum initial deposit shall be required before service is set up.

Applicants who pose a low credit risk (Green Light returned on ONLINE Utility Exchange) will be charged a deposit of $100.00.

  • Applicants who pose minimal risk (Yellow Light returned on ONLINE Utility Exchange) will be charged a deposit of $200.00.
  • Applicants who pose substantial credit risk (Red Light returned on ONLINE Utility Exchange) will be charged a deposit of $300.00.
  • Without a Social Security Number based credit check, a deposit of $325.00 will be required.
  • If customers have not met the maximum deposit and are cutoff due to non-pay, they will be required to post an additional deposit up to the maximum amount.

  1. All deposits greater than one month’s average bill and retained longer than twelve months (after the payment of the deposit in full) shall accrue interest and will be credited to the Customer’s account annually. Interest rates will be comparable to interest of passbook savings accounts. Any deposit balance including the earned interest is subject to review by EED and the customer.

Required amounts range from $100-$325 for initial deposits. Deposits are held by EED until service is terminated at which time it is either applied to your final bill or returned to you. Your deposit may be refunded, as a credit on your electric bill,after two years of consecutive service at your request, if the last twelve invoices have been paid timely (no payments with penalty applied).

Service charges are charged whenever EED must either connect service; disconnect service because of non-payment, or for collection purposes. Disconnect/Reconnect for non-payment are $45. If reconnection is made after 4:00 PM, the trip fee is $60. After 11:00 PM and on weekends and holidays the reconnect charge is $145. These fees are above the unpaid balance amount required for reconnection.

Service Connection Fees are $20.  Same-day service requests are charged at $40 (not guaranteed).

Never break the seal on your meter for any reason. Never try to set or remove a meter yourself. If we discover a cut seal, you will be charged for Tampering ($150-tamper fee plus $50-meter test (single phase), $80-meter test (three phase) plus a $20 trip fee). Estimated kWh charges may also apply. Remember: the voltage at the meter can kill or seriously injure you with a single touch!

Checks written to EED that are returned for non-sufficient funds will result in a $25 Returned Check fee. Returned checks cannot be paid for with another check. If we receive two returned checks within a 12-month period, EED will only accept payments by cash, credit card, or money orders.  Returned checks written for reconnection of accounts disconnected for non-payment or for deposits are subject to immediate disconnection.

Due Dates:




































































Exception: Route 511 is the 11th route in control 05. If you live on route 511, use the 35 in this table to determine your due date.

After the due date, a Late Fee equal to five percent of your current bill is applied. You have ten days from the due date to pay your current month’s bill. If not paid within the ten-day grace period, your electric service is subject to disconnection without further notice other than those warnings printed on your statement bill.   

EED Programs:

Levelized Billing: This program lets you pay a calculated amount by taking your average usage over the past year, building credit during low-use months, then using your credits to cover the high-usage periods of mid-summer and mid-winter. You must be a customer for at least 1 year at a single location and have a zero balance to be eligible at the time of sign up.

Auto Draft: Automatically have your light bill drafted from your bank account each month. Just bring us a voided check with your routing and account number to be signed up on this program.

EED also participates in programs developed by TVA. Two of these are the Heat Pump Loan program and the Water Heater Rebate program. Contact the EED Marketing department at 423.547.8630 for more information.

TVA Complaint Resolution Process – In the case of billing disputes or other service issues, the customer is expected to resolve the dispute by notifying and working with Elizabethton Electric.  If the dispute is not resolved, Elizabethton Electric will provide the customer with information regarding TVA’s Complaint Resolution Process.  Customers will be informed about the availability of the TVA Complaint Resolution Process upon application for service, at any time upon request, and through information provided on the Elizabethton Electrics website or other technological means of communication, if available.

There are three ways to begin the process:

Contact Information:

Elizabethton Electric Department, P.O. Box 790, Elizabethton, TN 37644, Ph. 423.542.1100, Fax 423.542.1108, www.eesonline.org. For after hours to REPORT A POWER OUTAGE: 423.542.1111.

EED is owned by the City of Elizabethton and governed by the Elizabethton City Council.  City Council meetings are held on the second Thursday of each month at City Hall at 6 PM. All meetings are open to the public.
EED is now placing new electronic "radio read" meters in the field. These meters have an electronic read-out that you can easily read to see how much energy you use. They also contain a radio transmitter that broadcasts the reading to our meter reader's handheld device. Your meter can be read from several hundred yards away, saving the meter reader's time and making us more efficient.
New Account Procedure
Setting Up a New Account

Each customer will be required to show two (2) forms of government issued identification when applying for service. One MUST be a picture ID.Renters desiring electric service must present to EED a copy of any lease agreements and/or rental agreements signed by the property owner/landlord.Homeowners desiring electric service must present EED a copy of deed or proof of ownership.Deposit and connection fees are due at the time of applicationDeposits are required of all customersThe amount of the deposit is determined by the credit risk posed by the potential customer. The risk is determined by running credit histories on customers before establishment of service with EED.Deposits range from $100.00 to $325.00 for residential accounts

Commercial Accounts

A deposit, letter of credit or surety bond is required of any customer before electric service is supplied.The minimum deposit for any commercial customer shall be $150.00.

New Connection Charges

Before service is connected, the customer will be required to pay a charge of not less than $20.00 along with their deposit. Same day service cannot be guaranteed. When same day service is requested, a charge of $40.00 must be paid by the customer. This service must be applied for by 2:00 PM and must be a standard turn on for an existing residence and not a construction.
New Service Procedure

To establish an account with the Elizabethton Electric Department, customers begin by paying a deposit and service connection fee with Customer Service at the Elizabethton Electric Department [400 Hatcher Lane, Elizabethton (423-542-1100)]. A credit check will be performed to determine the amount of Deposit. You will need two ID's. (Social Security Card and Drivers license or picture ID.). Customer must show proof of ownership of property or lease agreement from landlord.

For new construction, temporary service and permanent service there is a $50.00 fee to run service and set meter. For an existing service the meter will be read to start the billing which is a $20.00 fee.

Rental Lighting
Outdoor Lighting For Individual Customers

Any Elizabethton Electric System (EED) rate payer wanting an outdoor light installed may contact our Outdoor Lighting Department. Our security lights are available in several types and wattages to meet your needs. There is an installation charge of $50.00 for just a light and $180.00 for 1 pole and 1 light. Installation charge must be paid at time of sign of contract. You must come to our offices to apply for outdoor lights between 8:00 AM-5:00 PM each weekday.

You will be asked to sign a one year and a three year contract (after a year we just continue to bill you on a monthly basis for as long as you need the light). The contract contains stipulations, which you should understand before you sign. In summary they are:

All outdoor lights will always remain the property of EED. You simply rent their use.All maintenance
will be performed by EED.If you are a renter, the property owner must also sign the contract. The owner is obliged to pay rent on the light for a minimum of one year even if the property is vacated.Rural lights will only be attached to poles owned and maintained by EED or the local Telephone Company (we will not attach light fixtures to privately owned poles or to buildings).Your monthly charge will be based on the type and wattage of the fixture, and the pole to which it is attached. The charge for the light will be added to your monthly electric bill.The placement of rural lights may not interfere with line or pole relocation or with future line construction.

Monthly rental fee is base on the Electric Rate for that month.

Outdoor Lighting Schedule Current Rates

For further information about Rural Street Lights, please contact the EED Street Lighting Department.

By Email: jstout@cityofelizabethtontn.org

By Phone: 423-547-8632
Tree Trimming
ROW (Right of Way) & Tree Trimming

The Elizabethton Electric Department strives at all times to render the highest quality of service. Trees or branches growing into power lines and roots interfering with underground service are a major cause for interruption of service for many customers. To minimize service interruption and damage to its overhead and URD lines and equipment, the Electric Department performs routine maintenance on trees and brush that could potentially interfere with electrical service subject to budgetary limitations. These guidelines are consistent with the National Electric Safety Code's Safety Rules for Installation and Maintenance of Overhead Electric Supply and Communication Lines.

Customer Tree trimming responsibilities: The customer shall be responsible for the initial clearing of the right-of-way easement on customer's property. For service conductors the customer shall trim trees so no limb is closer than ten (10) feet to the service conductor; remove all trees except dogwood, redbud, and other ornamentals, all of which must be topped and remove all overhanging limbs of trees located at a greater distance less than ten (10) feet of the center line of the proposed service line. For primary conductors the customer shall remove all trees within fifteen (15) feet of the center line of the proposed primary line. No tree, flowers or shrubs shall be located within a 15 foot radius of a pole so that service trucks will have full access without damage to the owner's shrubbery or landscape.Customer tree maintenance responsibilities: The customer shall be responsible for maintaining tree clearance around the service conductors. If trees need trimming, the customer should call the Electric Department to arrange a time for the Electric Department to drop the service lines so the customer or customer's contractor can trim limbs close to the service line. There is no charge for dropping the lines for a customer to trim or cut trees. However, the service must be requested 48 hours in advance of tree work by calling 423-547-8644 to request this service.Criteria for tree trimming and tree removalHazard Defined/Corrective Measures: Trees that exist near power supply conductors shall be considered a threat to create a disruption of electrical service. They shall be removed or trimmed, if practical, so that neither the movement of the trees nor the swinging or increased sagging of conductors in wind or ice storms or at high temperatures will bring about contact between the conductors and the trees. The species and size of the tree, the location of the tree and its branches, normal tree growth, the combined movement of trees and conductors under adverse weather conditions, voltage, and sagging of conductors at elevated temperatures are among the factors to be considered by the Electric Department in determining the extent of trimming required. In like manner, the threat of a tree's root system to underground service will be the primary matter considered in connection with tree removal associated with underground service.New Service:Service Conductors: The Customer must trim area for service installation, so that no limb is within ten (10) feet of a service conductor. If Customer wishes to have the Electric Department trim for their new service, the Customer will absorb the actual cost of the trimming.Primary Overhead Conductors: The Customer must remove all fast growing, trees located within fifteen (15) feet of all overhead primary lines and trim all slow growing trees to a height of fifteen (15) feet, or other clearance required by the Electric Department. The Engineering Department shall contact the Right of Way Coordinator to remove hazardous vegetation which may cause damage to electrical facilities. Developers and contractors in new subdivisions shall work with the Electric Department to clear new lines and shall remove all trees within a thirty (30) foot zone, in contrast to merely trimming or topping them, as relates to all new primary lines.Primary Underground Conductors: The Customer, developer or contractor in any new subdivision must remove all trees located within fifteen (15) feet of the center of the proposed primary line prior to the same being installed.

Routine Maintenance:Tree Removal: No mature trees shall be planted directly under primary lines or on utility easements. The Electric Department will make a reasonable effort to obtain permission to remove, in contrast to merely trimming, all trees planted inside right of ways. If permission is granted, all brush and debris will be removed and the wood that is usable will be cut in fire wood lengths or log lengths as desired by the Customer.Tree Trimming: All tree pruning performed by the Electric Department or contracted personnel shall be performed in accordance with specifications (see Pruning Trees Near Electric Utility Lines by Dr. Alex L. Shigo) approved by the Elizabethton City Council. Every effort shall be made to obtain at least three (3) years clearance on trees near overhead primary lines. Customers may elect at their own expense to arrange for a professional independent contractor to trim or remove trees on their property when said trees will pose a threat to Elizabethton Electric Department overhead power lines.

Five (5) Day Trim Policy: Customers who refuse to grant the Electric Department or it's representatives permission to trim trees on their property to meet tree trimming clearance requirements will be given notice to hire a contractor (at Customer's expense) to trim all trees to Electric Department specifications within five (5) business days.Services, Street and Private Lights:Electric Service: Limbs will be trimmed from the service pole to the structure during routine maintenance only if the integrity of the service is in jeopardy.Storm Damage: The Electric Department will remove debris from service conductors caused by natural effects (storms, etc.). Disposal of debris shall be the responsibility of the Customer UNLESS trees have been previously identified and marked for trimming or removal by EED AND the property owner has previously given permission for the trees to be trimmed or removed.Outdoor Lights: Trimming around service connectors for outdoor lights will be performed only if the integrity of the line is in jeopardy and shall not be performed for the purpose of affecting an involved light pattern.

Customer Requests for the Electric Department to Trim Trees:

Customer requests to cut or trim trees will be investigated by the Electric Department Right of Way Coordinator or a contract representative. This individual will make the determination when to schedule work and notify the requesting customer accordingly. The Electric Department reserves the right to refuse to cut or trim a tree that, in the opinion of the representative, can be done by someone with reasonable experience without danger to power lines.

Power Lines Off Road: Power lines off the road (back lot) provide one of the biggest challenges in maintenance service. Many Customers have allowed these areas to grow up with underbrush to provide sight or sound barriers. To allow these barriers to exist, the Customer assumes the responsibility of keeping lines clear by trimming the brush to a height of 10 feet. If it is necessary for the Electric Department to clear, the same will be cleared in accordance with Electric Department Routine Maintenance Criteria for tree trimming and tree removal) clearance guidelines.Emergency Conditions:Service Interference: The first priority in an emergency is to restore service. Any trees that have been determined to be the cause of a service interruption will be cut or trimmed as necessary. The Electric Department is not responsible for the clean-up of any brush or debris caused by natural effects.Line Interference without Interruption: Limbs on service drops do not always result in service interruptions. Where such exist, the Customer will be advised of the condition and a report given to the Electric Department Tree Trimming Coordinator to return, after emergency conditions are over, to remove limbs from service lines.

Trees to Plant Near Power Lines (Subject to pole and line distance restrictions)

  • American Fringe tree
  • Japanese Flowering Cherry
  • Amur Maple
  • Japanese Maple
  • Blackhawk Viburnum
  • Japanese Snowbell
  • Cherry Laurel
  • Little Gem Magnolia
  • Cherry Plum
  • Nellie R. Stevens Holly
  • Chinese fringetree
  • Northern Bayberry
  • Crabapple Osmanthus
  • Crape Myrtle
  • Redbud
  • Dahoon
  • Saucer Magnolia
  • Dogwood
  • Serviceberry Smoke tree
  • Dr. Kassab Holly
  • Star Magnolia
  • Doublefile Viburnum
  • Sweetbay Magnolia
  • Foster #2 Holly
  • Trident Maple
  • Japanese Apricot
  • Witch-hazel
  • Japanese Dogwood
  • Yaupon
Tree Trimming and Removal Questions & Answers

Who is responsible for trimming and debris removal?

Pole to pole: Elizabethton Electric Department is responsible for maintaining the lines between poles. If you believe that tree limbs, broken branches, or other hazards may cause issues on lines between poles, please contact Elizabethton Electric Department so vegetation management personnel can inspect and assess the situation.

Pole to meter: This is called a service line. It delivers the electricity from Elizabethton Electric Department's lines directly to your meter. Maintenance of this line is the homeowner's responsibility.

Drop service request: If you have trees that need to be trimmed near your service line, Elizabethton Electric Department will disconnect the service wire free of charge to allow for safe tree work for you or your contractor. Please call 423-547-8644 to request this service at least 48 hours in advance of tree work. This advance notice will allow us to schedule a crew to drop the service. We request that you, your representative, or your tree contractor be present when your service is disconnected.

Tree Removal: If you would like to remove a tree within 10 feet of a pole to pole line, please contact Elizabethton Electric Department at 423-547-8644 to have it inspected at no charge by an Elizabethton Electric Department vegetation management representative. They can inspect the line and determine if Elizabethton Electric Department needs to trim or remove limbs so you or your contractor can safely remove the tree. The homeowner is responsible for the debris removal.

Debris Removal: Elizabethton Electric Department will chip and remove limbs from routine line clearance work. Larger limbs and tree trunks will be cut into stove manageable lengths and stacked on the property unless property owner contacts Elizabethton Electric Department prior to the trimming to request removal of the logs.

Storm Work: Elizabethton Electric Department does not clean up brush, limbs, or trees from storm related work. Our priority is power restoration to our customers. We will clear all fallen trees and limbs from Elizabethton Electric Department lines in a safe manner to restore service and prevent recurring outages. All logs and limbs are left on site, and crews will not return to remove them.
Service Diagrams
Overhead Services:

Footer Ground     Private Pole    Modular Home

Underground Services:

Meter on home   Pad Pedestal to Home   Pedestal for Multiple Services

Temporary Service:

Overhead   Underground

Recreation Vehicle Service       Residential Generator Installation