signal_cabinetEngineering DepartmentThe Engineering Department provides technical and engineering services for city departments including but not limited to: transportation planning, supervision and coordination of traffic control devices, construction inspections, estimates, surveying, CADD, GIS, supervision of the City's asphalt overlay program, and operation of a federally mandated stormwater quality program.  More information on the Stormwater division can be found by visiting the following link: City of Elizabethton Stormwater.  The Engineering Department also serves as a liaison for the Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) and the Johnson City Metropolitan Planning Organization (JCMPO) for improvements to the City's transportation infrastructure.  
In addition, the Engineering Department manages a network of sixty-one(61) high order control monuments. Six monuments are of horizontal order B and vertical order B. Fifty-five monuments are of horizontal order C class 1, vertical order C class 2. The City of Elizabethton Geodetic Reference Network Station Reports can be found by clicking the following link: Geodetic Control Points.
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