City Officials

Positions Required by CharterCity Manager
Daniel Estes

Assistant City Manager
Logan Engle

City Judge
The Honorable Jason Holly
Court Clerk - Gracie Grindstaff

City Attorney
Roger G. Day
Assistant City Attorney - Charlton R. Devault

City Clerk
Preston T. Cobb
Deputy City Clerk - Jennifer Arnold

Department Heads and Other Officials

Water Resources Director
Jonathan Pleasant
  Electric Department Director
Brandon Shell
Finance Director
Preston T. Cobb
  Police Chief
Jason Shaw
Fire Chief
Barry Carrier
  Street & Sanitation Director
Danny Hilbert
Parks & Recreation Director
David Nanney - Interim
  Public Library Director
Bernadette Weese
Purchasing Director
Greg Workman
  Planning & Development Director
Richard DesGroseilliers
Personnel Director
Angela Lyons
  Public Information Officer
Ivan Sanders