Maupin selected as mural artist for History in the Making

A new community mural project called History in the Making will start picking up steam as the City of Elizabethton in partnership with Main Street has selected Caitlin Maupin to head the project located at 518 Hattie Avenue. This property is a City surplus storage building and was a historic ice production facility.

Maupin will teach and guide the mural process as she will work with 18-24 community members to train in art skills and support the mural design process. Maupin is highly experienced when it comes to mural projects in communities.

The left side of the property where the murals will be located faces City Hall and the historic Covered Bridge. It contains six windows that have been exposed following the demolition of an adjoining building, creating a great walkable location for an art piece. This mural project will transform these blocked-up windows into vibrant pieces of art showcasing Elizabethton heritage and community. The six window panels will each display significant moments throughout the City’s history.

"What a privilege it is to be chosen for this!," said Maupin. "It’s exciting to be a part of this project not only as a muralist but as a local to Elizabethton. I’ve been painting murals in the Tri-Cities for a while now, but this will be my first in Elizabethton! What I love about this specific project is that the community gets a say in what will be painted to capture the essence of the town. Murals can be a powerful tool for storytelling and community building. My passion for showing younger talent how to put one’s creative skills into a project like this is important for me as well. It will be a fun and rewarding experience for everyone involved!"

Community participants with any art skills and experience are welcome in this process. There will be 8-12 members of the community selected to take part in the mural and serve on the team to paint the designs. These members will work alongside local students and Maupin to create beautiful murals in the downtown.

To apply to participate in this opportunity, fill out the application by clicking on the following link:

The timeline and expectations of participants include the following:
- Participants will attend 3 mandatory sessions (2-3 hours each) to learn to mix color, understand value, and use the grid method.
- Class sessions will be followed by a 12-day mural workshop for the team to work in groups to create finished murals on Fypon panels. The timing of these sessions is flexible and will be determined based on the team’s availability.
- Workshops and sessions will begin in January 2024 and will be completed by May 2024.

This project could not have taken place without the work of the Elizabethton Water Resource Department who inspired the project, funded the grant match, and continues to work hard in beautifying the space to elevate and grow the downtown district through the arts.